Wing Power Energy develops, installs and manages Wind Powered Microgrids. Microgrids are a critically important new segment of the energy landscape. Defined as discrete, renewable energy systems capable of operating in parallel with, or independent from, the main grid, their primary purpose is to ensure local, reliable, affordable energy security.

Microgrids have broad applicability in markets with high energy prices, in remote locations where grid power is not available, and as grid backup for facilities that cannot risk losing power (hospitals, universities and research centers, the military and mission critical businesses.)

The Wing Power Energy Microgrid is a complete solution incorporating wind power generation, storage, diesel backup, integration with photovoltaics when required, and a cloud based energy monitoring system. The power generation source is a microwind turbine with a patented hybrid blade design that has been proven to be both technically superior in delivering optimal power in both high and low wind conditions, and scientifically proven to optimize wind power generation in a microgrid configuration.

The company, founded in 2010, is focused on the exploding microgrid market where renewable wind power generation is forecasted to be a major player. After 4 years of rigorous field-testing, Wing Power Energy’s product has evolved to uniquely meet the requirements for microgrid deployment to meet a broad range of distributed energy requirements and applications.

Wing Power Energy goes to market direct and through partners in North America and International markets leveraging both product sales and power purchase agreement pricing models.