The turbines can be installed as a wind-only solution, or they can be tailored in a variety of ways to offer unique end solutions for retail, wireless and tower companies.

Options include:

  • Solar panels for a hybrid wind solar solution
  • LED lamps for parking lot lighting
  • Surveillance cameras for security
  • Wi-Fi hotspots to draw new customers
  • Digital signage to promote offers
  • Customizable architecture to match environment

All of these features can be combined to match the business requirements.  For example, a retailer may choose to install hybrid wind/solar turbines with LED lighting, surveillance cameras, a Wi-Fi hot spot and digital signboards.  A wireless company may opt to install a wind-only turbine with a Wi-Fi hotspot.  A tower company may opt to install an off-grid, wind/solar turbine for alternative power generation.

We can help you to configure the solution that best fits your needs.  We provide a complete turnkey implementation process to assure a successful outcome every time.