Rapidly Growing Renewable Microgrid Market

Microgrid Market Drivers:

  • Growing energy demand – due to population growth and increasing requirements for mission critical electricity
  • Energy poverty – there are still more than 1.3 Billion people without power
  • Aging grid infrastructure – there is a need for modernization, the grid is prone to disruption from weather outages, introducing reliability challenges and quality problems
  • Environmental impact – there is still a heavy reliance on diesel which is dirty and expensive
  • Security – the grid is vulnerable to physical and cyber attacks

Microgrid Value Proposition

  • Higher reliability – there is reduced risk of catastrophic power loss
  • Increased efficiency – power generation is closer to where energy is used, resulting in less distribution loss
  • Sustainability – reducing carbon footprint and dependence on diesel provides significant environmental benefit
  • Security – if there is an attack or disruption, the microgrid can shut off and operate independently from the main grid
  • Microgrids enable higher energy independence and local control for users

Market Segments

  • Remote Communities
  • Islands
  • University/Research Facilities
  • Cities/Communities
  • Public Institutions
  • Military Installations
  • Commercial