Wingpower_Microgrid_Infographic_Final.jpgPerformance. Durability. Sustainability.

The Wing Power Energy Microgrid is a complete solution incorporating wind power generation, storage, diesel backup, integration with photovoltaics when required, and a cloud based energy monitoring system.

The power source consists of vertical axis wind turbines deployed in multiple arrays of 12 in a scientifically proven configuration that optimizes wind power generation.

Wind power generation in the WPE microgrid is superior due to the ability of the wind systems to interact and generate incrementally more power when aggregated in specific configurations.

At University sites in CalTech and Stanford, Wing Power Energy was the only vendor that passed rigorous microgrid testing and was proven to be the vendor whose product most effectively conforms to the dynamics of wind microgrids, both in terms or performance and durability.



The power source for the Wing Power Energy Microgrid is a vertical axis wind turbine with a patented Darrieus/Savonius blade that allows it to deliver optimal power in both high and low wind conditions.

The blades are linearly scalable enabling systems to grow in power production from 2KW to 20KW without changing the base design specifications, which provides flexibility in meeting power demand.

The design is structurally superior and has been proven to withstand winds greater than 100 MPH. Variable height means that the turbine is adaptable to many diverse geographies. The turbines are environmentally friendly, presenting far less threat to wildlife than horizontal turbines.

Wind tunnel testing at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute found the blade to be superior in design and performance.


Wing Power Energy turbines in action at the Field Lab for Optimized Wind Energy
(FLOWE) at Stanford University