Only Wing Power Energy provides a complete turnkey solution to assure a successful implementation.

The base turbine can be configured to deliver a wide variety of end solutions.  Once we have determined the appropriate feature set, we manage the entire process for you.

We begin with an environmental analysis.  Relying on two meteorological databases from 3Tier and the National Meteorological Society, we first assess wind speed, gustiness, direction and seasonality.  We combine this with aerial photographs to identify the potential for wind obstruction from mountains, walls and other structures.  The end result is a plan for where to site the turbine for maximum effect.

We take responsibility for all approvals for installation – from the engineering certification for structure and design, to submitting all paperwork for approvals, to direct contact with the planning authorities.

We then completely project manage the installation.  And, prepare and take responsibility for generating all available tax credits – state and federal.